Out Now: Field of Cloth of Gold and Blood, Sweat and Tears

Henry VIII and Francis I at the Field of Cloth of Gold


I have a new story out in Alternate Peace, edited by Steven H. Silver and Joshua Palmatier, available directly from the publisher or from the usual suspects (Amazon | Barnes & Noble).

This anthology called for contributors to imagine alternate histories – but with a bit of a twist. Most stories in the alternate history genre take their “divergence point” from a moment of violence, often from battles or assassinations. The authors in this anthology were challenged to imagine more peaceful ways in which history might have followed a different path.

In 1520, King Henry VIII of England met King François I of France on a field near the border of their two kingdoms (there was a land border, thanks to the Pale of Calais). Not much came of it. But what if the king of England at that historic meeting of monarchs had not been Henry VIII – that infamous second son who broke with the Catholic Church in a desperate search for an heir – but his elder brother, the lost Tudor prince, Arthur of Wales?

Pick up your copy of the anthology today and find out!