Cover Art: Alternate Peace

While the cover’s still being designed, here’s a sneak peek at the cover art (by Justin Adams of Varia Studios) for Alternate Peace, an alternate history anthology of that will contain my story “Field of Cloth of Gold and Blood, Sweat and Tears.”

mountainous village with a waterfall in the background

Alternate Peace Cover by Justin Adams of Varia Studios

The anthology will be released this summer (June or July 2019). I’ve read my fellow contributors’ stories and it’s going to be a great anthology – you can pre-order it from


Out Now: Remember, Remember

I have a new story out today in Factor Four Magazine, Issue 5, available in print or digital format (you can also subscribe to the magazine and get access to everything they’ve published to date).

CC-BY-NC-ND National Portrait Gallery 5529

“Remember, Remember” is an historical tale of time travel hijinx. Normally, we write time travel tales about modern people going back in time to change the past (or historical people coming forward to the present and finding it vastly superior), but why wouldn’t someone from the 17th century want to use time travel the same way we would – to change history for the better?

And if anyone had good cause to try to change her own past, it was Elizabeth Stuart, Winter Queen of Bohemia…

UPDATE: This story is currently available to read for free at