Writing Resources

Writing sometimes feels like a solitary pursuit. In a way it is - you sit down at your computer or with a pad of paper and you write.

But in this day of internet, your fellow writers are only a stone's throw away. Not to mention once you actually get the hang of the writing part, you get to enter the wonderful world of publishing with agents and editors and artists, oh my!

Here are some of my favorite writing-related sites.

Hatrack, Absolute Write and Codex are online writing forums.

Critters is a site for critiquing and getting critiques of your speculative fiction.

The Submissions Grinder (free), Ralan (free), Writer's Market ($40 /year subscription) and Duotrope ($50 /year subscription) are sites to gather information on magazine and anthology markets.

Query Shark and Magical Words are awesome blogs about querying and writing, while Lee Loftland's The Graveyard Shift is a must-read for anyone who wants to write police characters.

Writers Beware and Preditors and Editors are just what they sound like - cautions against some of the predators you might run into in the world of publishing.